Returning to itself
is how the subtle Way of the universe exercises itself.
Being gentle and yielding
is how the subtle Way of the universe employs itself.
All things of the world come from the manifest.
The Manifest comes from the unmanifest, subtle
essence of the universe.

source: Lao Tzu, Tao Teh Ching
image: Eddie Two Hawks, Image Files*

Image Files: A select collection of images that have been used elsewhere on Eddie Two Hawks

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46 thoughts on “Returning

  1. Graciousness can grow in the harshest of environments… As this little Pansy shows… We can manifest also Peace from Hostility .. All we need do is allow the Universe and her laws to bring her own great wisdom into our lives..

    Wonderful Words and Photo Eddie..

    I still do not know how you find time for your 3 posts Eddie a week.. lol.. Yes Spring is a busy time… And I have been busy pricking out seedlings in the greenhouse today… Thoroughly got lost in the Universe today 😀

    • The busy-ness of spring is reason, I am limiting posts to 3 per week at this time; instead of the 4 or 5.
      There is much to keep up with in the garden and around the house. Many would agree.
      Happy you were able to have your computer returned without much delay or complication.
      Family day tomorrow. Making ready for their arrival. with many blessings, Eddie

  2. ¨The Manifest comes from the unmanifest, subtle essence of the universe¨.
    I love that sentence… Heraclitus would be nodding in agreement with you, Eddie!!!!.
    All my best wishes! Aquileana 😀

  3. SSS = simply splendid and stunning… ❤ life can and does grow everywhere, your photo has reminded me of tiny and lovely flowers or plants I've seen over lava fields in Iceland… I did catch the essence of your lines, thanx!
    * * *
    pansies are common and popular in France… in French “une pensée” means both ‘thought’ & ‘pansy’… so, pansies(thoughts) are 5-petal flowers that sometimes grow inside our mind and I strongly believe that most of them do have a soul… 🙂
    * * *
    my very best, lots of inspiration and respectful regards, Mélanie NB

    • If a small flower can do this imagine the might of nature applied in others ways.
      Thank you for your thoughtful and kind response Emu. Enjoy the beauty of life

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