The Fortunate Fool


The fool that knows he is a fool is more
fortunate than a fool who believes he is wise.
This person only makes trouble for himself
and others, and he suffers accordingly.

source: The Dhammapada
image: Eddie Two Hawks, Eddie’s Garden, September 2014



14 thoughts on “The Fortunate Fool

  1. So true but on my what a road full of learning lessons we must follow and learn from, to learn that we were a fool and to make those changes not to be.

    • Lessons and learning never end. There is always something new to think about. Aging does not mean the ‘road’
      will be over soon. For some, it may be just starting.
      Your kind thoughts, words, and presence are greatly appreciated and welcome. Thank you, Eddie

  2. That’s a very truthful statement Eddie, how many of us believe we are wise, and end up reaping the consequences of our wisdom.

    • Discovering wisdom within ourselves is better left unsaid.
      It is in choosing otherwise that we become foolish.
      Kind thoughts and good wishes are greatly appreciated.
      Thank you and enjoy a most beautiful week dear friend. Eddie

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