His Real Self


Man is empowered by God to hope and hope fervently,
until that for which he is hoping takes the cloak of
oblivion from his eyes, whereupon he will at last view
his real self. And he who sees his real self sees the
truth of real life for himself, for all humanity,
and for all things.

source: Kahlil Gibran, Secrets of the Heart
image: Eddie Two Hawks, Eddie’s Garden, July 2014


10 thoughts on “His Real Self

    • Difficult finding time to keep up with WordPress. Very busy part of year.
      It may slow down as summer approaches. Appreciate your interest.
      Can always fine me here. Enjoy a joyous springtime Chrissy.

  1. Another beautiful flower from your precious garden Eddie.. and yes I think these words are the most profound.. we need to discover self before anything else.. x

    • South Florida is ‘sub-tropical’ with little to no freezing weather. There are things that bloom all year (without a freeze). So the types of plants that grow here will love this kind of weather, favor these types of climates, and perhaps not grow anywhere further north.
      Thank you so very much for your kind and thoughtful remarks Sue. sending peace, Eddie

    • I feel for each the last sights and thoughts will be different depending on his or her mind at that ‘final’ moment. It is said that all of life is for training for that ‘final’ moment. Each of us must decide now to ‘put our house in order’ so peace will always be a friend.
      Thank you very much for your thoughtful response. Thank you as well for you subscription. Looking forward to viewing your blog soon. Enjoy a beautiful day. Eddie

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