The Ultimate Emptiness


Recognize the ultimate emptiness
of things. Steady yourself in stillness
and achieve inner peace.

source: Lao Tzu, Tao Teh Ching
image: Eddie Two Hawks, Eddie’s Garden, Cosmos April 2015


16 thoughts on “The Ultimate Emptiness

  1. beautifully thoughtful Eddie, it is hard to be in the moment mentally these days, but worth the effort. Thank you!

  2. Thank you Eddie… When one enters that stillness, and allows oneself to be empty as much as is possible, it is then that such Peace fills you to over flowing!…. That one then transforms from being Empty to being Full of Love.. 🙂

    Have a peaceful day my friend .. Sue xx

  3. Interesting words Eddie, not up to my interpretation but reminds me of a Tibetan Mandala, a teaching that not everything lasts forever, for everything is temporary and an illusion, don’t hold onto the material, but appreciate your being.

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