They Only Want More


Those who are concerned with their
lives make themselves miserable. Even
when they have what they want, they
aren’t happy. They only want more.

source: Chuang Tzu
image: Eddie Two Hawks, Eddie’s Garden, Spanish Bayonet June 2014


32 thoughts on “They Only Want More

  1. A wonderful plant.. teamed with wisdom.. Thank you for always sharing these teachings Eddie.. We still have much to learn as we let go of ‘wants’
    Love and Light.. Sue

  2. I don’t need more of anything. Each day I look at my stuff and ask, “who can use this and how can I get it to them?” I’ve never had a lot and liked it that way. Simple, easy, uncluttered. Now in the winter of my life, I find I want things uncomplicated at the end. I still have too much but work on that every day. I like the words, enough and content. Great reminder.

  3. How sad that more people don’t understand the concept of the word enough. So many don’t have enough, and so many that do, let their lives be ruled by greed.

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