I take NO photos from Pinterest.

It is rude to take photos from a blog and paste them there!

Especially without permission.

Eddie Two Hawks


33 thoughts on “Rude

  1. I’m sorry you had to experience this. It’s happened to me too, and my feelings are the same as you. What happened to common courtesy…? 😦

    warm wishes,

    • It seems to happen to many people. Don’t know what happened to courtesy.
      Is ‘copyright’ the only answer. Copyright is expensive and does it always work?
      Thank you for your response. Enjoy a beautiful day

  2. Hi Eddie thanks for posting this, I’m having the same problem with my blog. I recently went to Pinterest and to my surprise found pictures of my blog posted there without proper credit or permission. Very unethical!

  3. I’m in disbelief, I think…but I need to understand, Eddie–is this the same issue as when we were on wls, where people would use stuff off your blog site without your permission? I follow Seyfettin
    Dincturk on Tumblr. but I’ve reblogged him with permission…what has someone done with your photos or did someone suggest that is what you were doing (I don’t know if I can believe anyone would do that to you!) Forgive me if I am being naive, but I don’t ever think I’ve seen you so upset, my friend…Love, Katy

    • Let me explain Katy. It has been happening for years. However, I have never said anything and yesterday I felt the urge to do so.
      Photos from ‘Eddie Two Hawks’ are taken and used on Pinterest. Although I am given credit for these photos, I am never asked permission
      for there use. This is the problem. In addition, I do not want my photos on Pinterest.
      Your interest, response, and concern are greatly appreciated. Thank you very much. Enjoy a happy day

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