Become Free


The only way you can become free
is to love those who hate you.

source: The Dhammapada
image: Eddie Two Hawks, Eddie’s Garden, Red Rose June 2015


28 thoughts on “Become Free

  1. I feel pretty free of enemies…..does anyone hate me. Gee….I don’t think so. Do my actions trigger anger in another…..probably but I am really sorry for their suffering and I am sure that I don’t wish to suffer by matching the anger. I come across people who have so much anger that it is leaking out like a sinking boat taking on water. That’s not personal. That anger will be directed because it can’t be tolerated. So best not to play catch. Forgiveness heals all. Maybe I got off track here but I think what I am saying fits in☺️

    • As long as you feel ‘free’ and that there are not ‘others out there’ unseen who may not tolerate your lifestyle.
      I do understand what you are saying however, and this is very good. I quite agree. wishing you all love, Eddie

  2. Wonderfully inspiring message Eddie, a difficult task but one must consider the toll that ill will takes on the spirit,

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