Many Winters Ago

Native Dancer

Many winters ago, our wise ancestors predicted that a great
monster, with white eyes, would come from the east and, as he
advanced, would consume the land. This monster is the white
race, and the prediction is near its fulfillment. They advised
their children, when they became weak, to plant a tree with
four roots, branching to the north, the south, the east and the
west; and then collecting under its shade, to dwell together in
unity and harmony. This tree, I propose, shall be this very spot.
Here we will gather, here live, and here die.

source: Iroquois
image: Eddie Two Hawks, Prayers to the Sun, Image Collection*

*images used elsewhere and in other posts


25 thoughts on “Many Winters Ago

  1. Hi Eddie Two Hawks, thanks for this great piece, and I love the image as well. I’ve always wondered why such a great people should be so poorly treated. It seems peace will only come with the true understanding and love of all peoples and cultures, and the understanding and love of higher forces (God). Best wishes and blessings, Charles.

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