Mercury Retrograde In Libra 2015


On September 17, 2015 Mercury stations and turns retrograde at 16 Libra
and remains so until October 9 when it turns direct again. However, it
does not leave the retrograde zone until October 24 when it crosses
16 Libra once more. So, for nearly six weeks we could be experiencing
some sort of minor to major difficulty. As example, if there are things
that need to be repaired or replaced, this will be brought to your
attention in a big way. Our instincts tell us what this may be; just
trust them to be right. They are in fact, trying to help us along this
rocky road of life. There may also be something that needs re-examining
or a closer look. You probably know exactly what this is. Remember, Libra
is all about balance. Want more information? consult your astrologer

source: Eddie Two Hawks
image: Eddie Two Hawks, Image Collection, Libra


25 thoughts on “Mercury Retrograde In Libra 2015

  1. Thank you Eddie, it’s nice to be somewhat prepared and a heads up. stay blessed and I appreciate you. Della

  2. Great information and happy to be reminded and blessed with much LOVE, Della

  3. I’m constantly dancing to keep the balance…. 🙂 Thanks Eddie for the timely reminder.

  4. Thank you Eddie for this. It explains why my washing machine died. And my 1998 Chevy Tracker!

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