Have Patience


Have patience. All things change in
due time. Wishing cannot bring autumn
glory nor cause winter to cease.

source: Cherokee
image: Eddie Two Hawks, Image Collection, Autumn


16 thoughts on “Have Patience

  1. No wishing has to be given time to manifest… Just Like Autumn leaves need time to turn and fall, so too our thoughts need time to mature.. May we all learn the art of Patience, along with Tolerance as we weather our Winter Storms through life..

    Love and Blessings in all that you share my friend.. wishing you a perfect week.. Dreamwalker

  2. Patience is definitely a virtue! Talking of autumn I am impatient for the glorious changes of leaf colour and the general autumn atmosphere which is unique and wonderful…but I will have infinite patience if we are treated to an extra long delay to the onset of winter!! I can be very patient with regards to a long summer too if it delays the ice age called winter! 🙂

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