Indian Names


Indian names were either characteristic
nicknames given in a playful spirit, deed
names, birth names, or such as have a religious
or symbolic meaning. A man of forcible character,
with a fine war record, usually bears the name
of the buffalo or bear, lightning or some dread
natural force. Another of more peaceful nature
may be called Swift Bird or Blue Sky.

source: Ohiyesa (Charles Eastman) Santee Sioux, 1858-1939
image: Eddie Two Hawks, Image Collection*, Harris Hawks on Cactus*

*images used here and elsewhere in his blog are part of Eddie’s collection


31 thoughts on “Indian Names

  1. It would be nice to also have a name that expressed our passion. I guess my blog name could be that name for me. I call my dog Runs With Wood. Her given name is Matilda Rose, but the other fits her better because that is what she loves.

  2. Wouldn’t that be interesting in today’s world Eddie, if we gave ourself names we had achieved in merit 🙂 or not as the case may be… 🙂
    Love the picture and wonder how those magnificent birds manage on those spiky cacti

  3. Let’s not overlook the tradition of renaming, that is adding to one’s birth name. As I’ve heard it put, your name at birth is not your real name, which will be revealed later.

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