I believe that the ancient tribal cultures
have important lessons to teach the rest of
the world about the interconnectedness of
all living things and the simple fact that
our very existence is dependent upon the
natural world we are rapidly destroying.

source: Wilma Mankiller, Cherokee Deputy Chief (First Woman Elected 1991)
image: Eddie Two Hawks, Eddie’s Garden, September 2015

Eddie Two Hawks is only published on WordPress


20 thoughts on “Interconnectedness

  1. I’ve lived with this awareness for as long as I can remember. I try to bring it into my work and life as much as I can. We all need to do this to try to heal our planet and ourselves. I’ve always felt this incredible connection with the nature world and that’s why I’ve worked with the plant people so much. I’ve learned much from tribal cultures on this journey. Thank you for your wise words, and for your inspiring blog.

  2. I’ve always believed this, and still do. Thank-you for giving the thought a space on your blog and thus in the world. It stands to be repeated and shared until it is re-committed to the mind of society. Much love to you. ~T

    • This excellent quote sums up perfectly how I fell about the matter. Happy to know you agree and can
      understand the commitment necessary in order for our beautiful Earth to carry on in a manner we all favor.
      Thank you very much for your kind and most thoughtful response to this post. with love and light, Eddie

    • Slightly cooler weather arrived and the perfect opportunity arose to weed and trim the terribly over grown garden.
      Fun, fun, fun as the winds blew hard, it was a totally delightful weekend. smiles, Eddie

      • Yes I too had a delightful morning Eddie.. Pruning out my raspberries and Muck spreading 🙂 Delightful when the Wind blew in the other direction LOL 😉

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