Freedom Is The Birthright

Freedom Is The Birthright of All Life On Earth

This Includes All Life in Nature Too



Gray Shanted Douckoala-australia[1]

mountain gorilla


Not All Threatened Species Are Represented

“God Almighty has made us all.”

Red Cloud, Oglala Sioux Chief


source: original post: Eddie Two Hawks February 2011


12 thoughts on “Freedom Is The Birthright

  1. So he did…if we had as much respect for others as we do ourselves, this planet would be a cleaner, safer place to live for all creatures…not just mankind, but for all of creation in total…life on every front is a great gift from God himself…if you wouldn’t throw away a gift given to you from a close friend, why is it we cannot see the gifts given by the greatest ‘friend’, God himself that have been given to us…and cherish them? Katie.

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