Compassion for All

pheasant plumage

Have compassion for all beings, rich and poor alike; each has
their suffering. Some suffer too much, others too little.

source: The Buddha
image: Eddie Two Hawks, Image Collection*, Pheasant Plumage

*refers to images used elsewhere by Eddie in this blog


11 thoughts on “Compassion for All

  1. Sometimes I think now that I am older that I don’t have as much compassion as I did once…that sometimes it is harder to stretch to care, to take time to understand and sympathyse with others…then my voice within softly speaks, and tells me, ‘It is not that you lack compassion, my girl…just sleep…you are more tired than you once were…rest, and know that your heart has not changed, it has grown..but when you are tired, it is harder to hear it.’So I rest and what do I find when I am refreshed? That my heart is where it has always been…open to others..I needed only to take time to see that it is still true…is the joke not always on me? Oh yes! LOL! I loved what you wrote today, made me see myself again…and I laughed.

    • Very good to read your words from the heart. True, honest, sincere. Long time since seeing you. Happy to know
      you are well and keeping fit and busy. This is an important time for us all as there are many changes around us.
      Hold on to what is dear and meaningful in your life and all will be fine.

  2. I really love this quote, it seems hard to say some have not suffered enough but it is true, unless we have experienced the harshness of life we can’t relate to the suffering of the hungry, homeless, the broken hearted. Thank you Eddie!

    • It is difficult to understand suffering. Best to have compassion for all as is suggested by the great Teacher.
      No one escapes it. Your kind heart and words are a pleasure to see.

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