Dear Little Wife


Dear little wife, dear little wife,
Weep not, cease longing for your home,
Cease longing for your home,
You will be given suet to eat,
Delicious suet,
And yes, luscious eyes,
All this you will be given.
And tender juicy shoulder pieces
Given you as gifts,
Tender juicy shoulder meat.

source: Eskimo
image: Eddie Two Hawks, Image Collection, Eskimo Fisherman


20 thoughts on “Dear Little Wife

  1. It is easy to forget in our western lifestyle that adversity in life is still very much a part of this timeframe…hardship and survival still walk hand in hand as much now as in the past for so many…it is s sweet little piece of poetry though…he wants her so much to be happy and to stay…I really liked this blog, Eddie. love, Katie.

  2. Beautiful words and emotions with this poem Eddie ~ there is nothing quite like sharing the simple pieces of life with people you love. Something that can become hard to do when people begin focusing all on material goods. This piece brings back great memories…but these memories are not mine šŸ™‚

  3. Those Little wives were so easily pleased.. šŸ™‚ but how long did it take to hunt some tender shoulder meat I wonder. And how long would it be before they got some tender Juicy meat to eat again ??…

    Wishing you a perfect week Eddie. Sue

    • Life was (and is) hard work for them (and others). It meant a daily struggle. But it also brought
      them close, very close to the Earth they so love and depend upon.
      Thank you dear Sue for your kind thoughts and good wishes. Enjoy these beautiful Autumn days, Eddie

      • And I thank you also dear Eddie for taking the time with your answers, I often find even within the simplest of Quotes you publish, I learn so much as I digest their meanings.. xx _/\_

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