The ‘Gravatar’


The information that a Gravatar provides helps everyone find your
web site on the internet. It enables any person you ‘like’ to instantly
return a visit to your blog. As described on its own information page,
“a Gravatar is a Globally  Recognized Avatar”. In other words, you
have an opportunity to embed a link to your website. It makes finding
you quick and easy for those folks you visit and for others who might
see your Gravatar. I find  it particularly useful for returning a visit to
those people who are new or I am not following. It is a free way to advertise
your blog. Why not take advantage of it? It is easy to use. By reading the
instructions carefully, you can be drawing more attention to your blog
with this simple application.

source: Eddie Two Hawks


21 thoughts on “The ‘Gravatar’

  1. Excellent information.. its can be so frustrating when we want to repay a visit to find that a Gravatar isn’t linked to their blog .. I have had this happen a lot.. And its nice to repay a visit especially to new visitors 🙂

  2. I think I am completely clueless Eddie, I don’t know whether my gravatar links back to me or not. I find all teh techie stuff so discombobulating, which is frustrating as I sell art online and am useless at all the promotions side. Will check this out now!

      • That’s true. There’s one blogsite where I read a very good comment by a blogger. I clicked her avatar, unfortunately, there’s no info on her Gravatar site

      • It’s a sad situation because you really want to say something positive but have no way of getting back to her.
        This same frustration prompted me to produce this post.

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