Time Travelers

Earlist journey of water in Universe

Our Universe continues regardless of human interaction.

What was true yesterday, may not be true today.

What’s past holds memories distorted by feelings blurred by imagination.

The future is created by planned desires.
Desires fulfill something lacking or needed.
There may have unreal expectations.

Are we travelers from distant stars, blown on cosmic wind?
We dream and wonder about life elsewhere.
Do we search for a homeland left deep inside our memory?

source: Eddie Two Hawks, originally posted, May 2010
image: Bing images/Earliest Journey of Water in Universe, NASA artist conception


6 thoughts on “Time Travelers

  1. This speaks to a part of me which is deep inside. A very distinct possibility that the glimmer of ancestral memory is both further away that we can imagine and at the same time closer than we might ever know.
    Thank you for your words.

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