Mercury Retrograde January 2016


I have been asleep at the wheel and failed to
notice that Mercury turned retrograde a few days
ago (January 5, 1° Aquarius). Such is the nature
of this retrograde zone. Remembering and rethinking
is a must. If anything can be set aside until
after Mercury stations once again and goes direct
(January 25, 15°Capricorn) it is for the best.
I am talking about decisions that cannot be
reversed. Organizations of any sort, especially those
concerning the church and business, may be
affected. For the most part, people will not notice anything
at all. However, if you do, it may be something
very noticeable and affect you in a big way.
Mercury, is the planet concerned with thinking,
communications of various sorts, the intellect and the
mind. Although this retrograde started in Aquarius
(universal love, fanaticism) it spends nearly all
of this retrograde time in Capricorn (limitation, fear).
This is always a temporary condition so if you are
patient enough you will succeed.

The chastisement of God is worse than

any physical pain or sickness.


source: Eddie Two Hawks
image: Eddie Two Hawks, Image Collection, Capricorn


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