Sacred Symbols-An Encore Presentation

The Mandala is the most sacred symbol or “container of essence”.

It may symbolize both the mind and body of Buddha.

The mandala is older than history itself.

Mandala of Compassion


Maroon Mandala


Tibetan Mandala


Peace Mandala


Tibetan Painted Mandala

Tibetan Drawing Mandala

Oh you compassionate ones possessing the wisdom of understanding,
the love of compassion, the power of acting, and of protecting in
incomprehensible measure, one is passing through this world and
leaving it behind. No friends does (s)he have, (s)he is without
defenders, without protectors and kinsmen. The light of this world
has set. (s)he goes from place to place, (s)he enters darkness,
(s)he falls down a steep precipice, (s)he enters a jungle of solitude,
(s)he is pursued by karmic forces, (s)he goes into a vast silence, (s)he is
borne away on the great ocean, (s)he is wafted on the wind of karma,
(s)he goes where there is no certainty, (s)he is caught in the
great conflict, (s)he is obsessed by the great affecting spirit,
(s)he is awed and terrified by the messengers of death. Existing
karma has put (her)him into repeated existence and no strength
does (s)he have although the time has come to go alone.

source:  updated and reposted original: selected as “Eddie’s Best” August 2012

quote from: “Tibetan Yoga and Secret Doctrines” E. Evans-Wentz


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