Do All Things Well


4. I am the root of all action.
No work is anywhere preformed whereof I am not the doer.

By action all things are determined,
And every action proceedeth from my grasp
Of every condition of my self-manifestation.
No man accomplish anything of himself,
They are deluded to think otherwise.

5. “Have I no free will?” saith the fool;
But the wise know in all the chains of worlds
There is no creature
That hath any will apart from my One Will.

My Will is free indeed,
And he who knoweth it as the wellspring of his willing
Remaineth free from error.

6. Let thy meditation bring thee to rest in that Will.
Then in the midst of action shalt thou be at peace,
And in thy busiest hours shalt thou find the Eternal
Doing all things well in thee.

Lo, I guide thee all the way.
Rest thou in me.

source: The Book of Tokens, Tarot Meditations; excerpt from “Justice”
image: Eddie Two Hawks, Image Collection, Justice


8 thoughts on “Do All Things Well

  1. Every time I consider unsubscribing you post something utterly magnificent! We human beings are not the “doer.” We are not human doers we are human BEINGS. We don’t have to do anything. It is all done THROUGH us. What a relief! ­čÖé

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