Put It Into Action


An idea that is developed and put into
action is more important than an idea
that exists only as an idea.

source: Buddha
image: Eddie’s Photos, Canoeing the Peace River, Florida October 2003


19 thoughts on “Put It Into Action

  1. this certainly brings to mind the quote about good intentions! thank you so much Eddie. I enjoy your beautiful blog so very much!

  2. Those trees!! I have no idea where the Peace River is, but seeing those trees along the riverbank, I feel like I am in the presence of “greatness”. I have chills…

    Thank you for sharing this. I am enchanted…

    (Sorry for over-commenting. I promised myself I would leave you alone this time, but then I saw those trees, and they required respect and acknowledgement! Ok, I really am done now. Moving along…)

    • (No such thing as ‘over commenting’). Sorry to say it has been too long since
      our last visit to this enchanting water way (2003). The trees, alligators, and other wildlife are
      just great to witness in the quiet of this beautiful river. (South Florida)

      • Perhaps you will find an opportunity to revisit it someday soon. I know my spirit longs to walk among those trees, due, in no small part I’m sure, to the brilliance of the photograph, and it’s ability to highlight something of their essence. Truly, you have captured something here, though I lack the vocabulary and expertise to explain what, exactly. I am completely entranced; I cannot stop staring at that picture!… Lol… 🙂

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