Song Bird


The song of the bird in the open
tree is the one that brings true music
to the ear, while that of the one in
the cage is but a sad imitation.

source: Old Keyam, (Edward Ahenakew, Plains Cree)
image: Eddie Two Hawks, Image Collection, Great Reed Warbler


24 thoughts on “Song Bird

  1. ..and a reminder that spring is coming…could be why I could never bear to have a bird in the house..cages are sad and that’s a fact. An amazing shot…I love this.

  2. lovely words, the caged bird sings for what he doesn’t know …freedom. (Maya). Thank you Eddie, lovely words and picture.

  3. I was out feeding the birds a few mornings ago and they were singing so beautifully. I don’t remember when they’ve sounded quite like that. Instead of separate bird songs, they sounded like a bird choir. It was remarkable.

    • I definitely relate to what you are saying CJ. They have been quite active and singing a happy song.
      (it inspired this post) Thank you very much for sharing. Enjoy a beautiful day

  4. This is true on so many levels, including the literal. But the one that hit closest to home for me was one that “translated” into how much happier we are being our true selves than being what we think others expect us to be…

    Thanks for sharing this! 🙂

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