Because of Mind


All wrong-doing arises because of mind.
If mind is transformed can wrong-doing remain?

source: Buddha
image: Eddie Two Hawks, Image Collection, Lily Pond


9 thoughts on “Because of Mind

  1. Interesting quote, but I think I don’t actually get this one. Hmm… Seems definitional and with too many variables. What is “wrong doing” in this context? What is “mind” referring to? And what kind of “transformation” occurs? I can’t seem to make sense of it…

    Unless, of course, that is the point: that “thinking” too much about anything prevents us from actually “being”… Hmm…

    Love the lily pond, though! I can “feel” the peace there… ­čÖé

    • You can guess what ‘wrong-doing’ is. Simply put, being bad in any way, form, or manner.
      What do you ‘think’ mind is referring to? You have to use your ‘mind’ for this one. There are
      no tricks here. Buddha is being straightforward and saying it in plain English.
      Aren’t those Lily’s beautiful! Thank you for giving us all a little lesson here. Enjoy your day Lisa

      • You’re so welcome, Eddie. I read your site often, but I don’t always have time to comment. An editor’s work is never done, especially when you edit full-length novels, but I do so love working with authors. I am drawn to your wisdom and philosophy.

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