Good Comes


Nothing but good comes to him who

loves others as he loves himself.

source: Lao Tzu, Tao Teh Ching
image: Eddie’s Garden, Eddie’s Photos, February 2014


25 thoughts on “Good Comes

  1. I think sometimes that loving others is easier than loving oneself…I tend to forget about myself in life ongoing…have been lovingly accused of giving to much and wearing myself out, lol! To love myself as I love others..that is a good goal and this yr it is what I wish to begin to attain…we’ll see what happens I, Katie.

  2. In an attempt to spread a bit of love lol MS reckon it’s your birthday today 😊 Of course it may not be – MS are notorious for making me look silly like that lol but if they’re right for once…Happy birthday Eddie! x

      • Typical! I thought something like that would happen! Well just in case I don’t get to w.p tomorrow many happy returns of the day for tomorrow ☺ I hope you enjoy a lovely day and I wish you many more birthday’s to come! Love Wolfie 🙂

      • Time is relative. For instance, ‘Eddie Two Hawks’ has been online nearly 10 years. It is hard to believe.
        And we have been friends for almost all of that time. Do you believe it?
        Thank you for all and everything Wolfie, love Eddie

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