Too Late


Regrets are illuminations come too late.

source: Joseph Campbell
image: Eddie’s Garden,  Eddie’s Photos, April 2015


20 thoughts on “Too Late

  1. Very nice picture, the flower is unique and the thing about illuminations sat well. If you have the time, we would really like your input on a few of our stories at Gastradamus. Your opinion is needed. Right now they are discussing the slanders of Black Fish, have you heard of sea world before.

      • No problem Eddie Two Hawks, but we just had over 1000 views in like one hour. Get with the program, but keep writing, don’t stop because writing can offer excellent opportunity. But commenting on a blog like Gastradamus, you know the one that got close to 1000 views in an hour, things could come faster, that’s all im saying. Keep intouch we still want your endorsement

      • Thank you very much for your kindness Gastradamus. Will be in touch and stop in occasionally.
        Please feel free to do the same. Enjoy a most perfect day

    • Dear Marylou,
      As a youth, I learned it was of no use to ‘regret’ what was in the past.
      After all, the past cannot be changed. Make corrections. Move on.
      Enjoy life dear friend

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