The Creative Hand


I AM the creative Hand,
Which fashioned the worlds
And established the spheres,
While yet the primal FIRE
Circleth untrammeled in the womb of space.
That fashioning is not as the handiwork of man,
It is my self-utterance through the Voice of Vision.
By it I declare myself.

Yea, I utter myself as the Father of all,
And from my fatherhood
Is the brotherhood of all creatures.

Therefore do the wise see in the letter YOD
The Fatherhood of CHOKMAH
The unbounded Wisdom which estabisheth all.

That Father, AB, am I,
The Source of all;
One in mine inmost being,
Two in my self-utterance,
And Three in my union with my divine manifestation:
Throughout endless ages.

image: Eddie Two Hawks, Image Collection, The Hermit

originally posted September 9, 2009 (9/9/09)


10 thoughts on “The Creative Hand

  1. Wow, I love this! Questions, though, when you have time…

    What is this “Book of Tokens” you reference? Is it a book of poetry, religious thought, philosophy? It just seems like a book I should be familiar with, but I am not, so I’m curious. 🙂

    Also, do you know which Tarot deck this Hermit is from? I don’t recognize the image, but it intrigues me, offering a different perspective on the Major Arcana. I’d like to see more of this deck…

    Anyway, wonderful post for me to see today. Thanks for reposting it… Any particular reason why you chose to repost it today?

    • It is a book written on the Major arcana (first 22 cards) of Tarot. The accompanying card is not the same as what is in the book.
      I do not remember where I discovered it.
      Seemed like a good one to re-post today. No other particular reason than that.
      Thanks so much for your curiosity, interest, and kindness Lisa. Enjoy a fabulous day

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