Follow Your Bliss


Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors
for you where there were only walls.

source: Joseph Campbell
image: Eddie’s Garden, Eddie’s Photos, Bird of Paradise May 12, 2016


12 thoughts on “Follow Your Bliss

  1. What an unsual plant. I am from the UK so this sort of thing isn’t in my garden! From the tags I am presuming it is called a Bird of Paradise? Succulent? Excuse ignorance if these are common where you are 🙂

    • The ‘Bird of Paradise” is not a ‘succulent’ but it is tropical so it will not tolerate frost or sub-freezing temps. This particular plant is now more mature and may do better when we do have cold weather here.
      Thank you for your questions. Enjoy a beautiful day

    • Thank you very much Dreamwalker. Rest was needed after a demanding week.
      Gearing up for more productivity on screen and off. Sending love and blessings, Eddie

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