No Quiet Place


There is no quiet place in the white man’s cities, no
place to hear the leaves of spring or the rustle of
insect wings, the clatter only seems to insult the ears.

source: Chief Seattle 1785-1866
image: Eddie’s Garden, Eddie’s Photos, Norfolk Pine June 2016


10 thoughts on “No Quiet Place

    • and that is the key. Just as you would focus a camera on a single
      object, the same happens when sound is involved. Your input and kindness
      are greatly appreciated. Thank you very much

  1. Peace and tranquility can be found in the way we listen rather the sounds we here. Urban listening can be as valuable as rural or nature listening. My preference of course is for nature but many will not hear nature’s sounds if they are not listening for them.

    • Well said! Much of the ‘surface noise’ heard can be tuned out. This is a practice
      that becomes an art in itself. It all has to do with training the mind as you say.
      In readings something written nearly 150 years ago, modern perspectives need to be
      taken into account.
      Your kind, considerate, and informative response is greatly appreciated. Thank you

  2. But we could try to become quiet in the greatest of turmoil and strart to feel like a human being loving other souls even if they have their flaws and thus change the world heart by heart, soul by soul which is becoming quiet again … tranquility was always one of the English words I loved most … have a great day!

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