A Unique Distinction


All of us are blessed with gifts that give us,
as an individual, a unique distinction. Some
paint better than others, and here I don’t mean
houses. Although, painting homes has it’s own
set of talents that requires more than many are
able to give. Other’s have a voice that when
applied to a song can produce tears. Still
others are able to write volumes upon volumes,
examining a single subject at length.

There are those who know their talents
instinctively. They walk beside them as they
stroll along the avenues of deep self discovery.
Yet there are others still, who find self-discovery
along the ocean shores or cityscapes. Whatever
it brings to light, the foundation of your
world should not be denied its just due.
Let it flourish inside and outside you,
every where you walk .

source: Eddie Two Hawks
image: Eddie’s Garden, Eddie’s Photos, June 2014


22 thoughts on “A Unique Distinction

  1. I agree very much with these verses. It seems to me that it’s our differences that make us interesting. Being unique is what life is all about, in my view.

  2. Such a beautiful and insightful post. I just wish I knew how to apply since I feel as if I have no talents. I see them clearly in others but things are cloudy when it comes to my own reflection.

    i’m sorry I have not been around lately. ♥

    • Thank you for your kind response Lauren.
      We all walk to the pace of a different drummer. Believe in yourself,
      love yourself, and you will find all the right doors opening for you.
      It is a busy world. I for one, understand this. Have a wonderful day. Eddie

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