Addiction Is Bad


Every form of addiction is bad, no matter whether
the narcotic be alcohol, morphine, or idealism.

source: Carl Jung
image: Eddie’s Garden, Eddie’s Photos, June 2016


24 thoughts on “Addiction Is Bad

  1. Agreed, in that addictions are usually borne of an attempt to avoid pain, and end up causing much of it. But then, living itself includes many of the symptoms we associate with addiction, including (but not limited to): making bad choices, being selfish, hurting others to get our next fix, surrendering the power of choice, and being totally obsessed with where and when our next fix will occur. If you consider taking your next breath, no matter the cost, your priority, then living itself becomes the addiction…

    Random thoughts generated by another recent post of yours (I think) about heroes, and their desire to sacrifice all for others. That, to me, seems like freedom from addiction – to place others’ needs before our own. But then, I guess that could become addictive as well… lol!

    Perhaps “addiction” is just a uniquely human and necessary condition, as is our tendency to “judge”…

  2. Re: Idealism as an addiction.
    Jung was from Switzerland, who managed neutrality throughout two World Wars. Naturally, he felt that idealism could be an addiction, as Switzerland watched the devastation going on around them – while they stayed safe.
    But, on the reverse, I doubt if he would feel idealism could lead to an addiction, if he had lived in – for instance – Paris.

    • I did not live during the war and in those times. I do believe Jung knew what and why
      he said what he did. He was not a frivolous man.
      Thank you very much for your very thoughtful entry.

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