Too Much Meaning


Those who are not attached to life will not
fear death. They are more fortunate than
those who give life too much meaning.

source: Lao Tzu, Tao Teh Ching
image: Eddie’s Photos, Table Cloth June 2016


18 thoughts on “Too Much Meaning

  1. I am so pleased dear Eddie that the one thing that I am attached to is your Blog.. 🙂 you are also the ‘Spring’ of wisdom with your delightful and wise quotes my friend..
    I hope you enjoy your weekend..
    Blessings Sue

  2. It’s interesting to me that people fear what does not exist. We transition from this manufactured physical realm back to our higher selves. for me, knowing that this is not home makes enjoy the beauty more. I struggle with this physical universe, but it beauty is so amazing!

  3. Your quotes always make me pause and think, Eddie. Sometimes, if you do not mind, I do not agree wholeheartedly with them! Those people not attached to life will not fear death, true. But are they more fortunate? – I think not, as it means they are not enjoying and living their lives to the full.

    • That is true, Wendy, or one interpretation of it, I think. It is also true that “attachment” in this sense leads to fear, which taints all that it touches, and prevents one from living fully in THIS moment. If we are too attached, then we are constantly pining for the past (and what got left behind), while planning for the future (what has yet to be). In the process we may miss this “perfect” moment as it occurs.

      I guess it depends on degrees and priorities, as most things do… Thanks for adding your comment, as I found it as thought-provoking as the original quote. And I love Eddie’s site because it often gives me much to contemplate…

      By the way, Eddie, love the photo here! It’s a departure from the usual, but somehow peaceful (the pattern, maybe) and invigorating (the color?) at the same time… 🙂

    • If something presented here does not sit well with you then by all means please do speak up. I am happy you did!
      ‘Absence of attachment’ does not mean that the individual will not enjoy life. If fact, they are probably enjoying it even more. Buddha says, “You only lose what you cling to”.

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