What We Do


One’s actions in life determine who that
person is, and what befalls him. Those
who do evil, become evil. Those who do
good become good. What we do in life
determines our fate in this life and the next.

source: The Brihadaranyaka Upanishad
image: Eddie’s Garden, Eddie’s Photos, June 2016


18 thoughts on “What We Do

  1. Interesting way of seeing it… our actions determine our Fate… I like this approach…. sending love and best wishes, dear Eddie. Aquileana 😀

  2. Truth! When humanity get s to the point where we are old enough to accept this truth, live with respect for all life and act with compassion and love, everyone will be much better off.

  3. I think people get back good for good and bad for bad in this life, and the upanishads I agree were written at a much higher level with the force we call ‘God’, but righteousness taking over the world will only be a very distant dream! 🙂
    And thanks for dropping by on my blog as well, 🙂

    • Each of us are headed somewhere, some to the top of the mountain, some to the depths of the cave. Regardless where we
      finally wind up, what we gather along the way will follow us until the end of our days.
      Thank you very much for your subscription and your kind response today. Eddie

      • Thanks for those nice words. Only if the same could have been said about money, which people don’t carry to the heavens yet die trying to get it. Deep

      • Some do try to insure their riches follow them to the next world. Since ancient times,
        the practice of being buried with gold and jewelry was common.
        Needless to say, modern sophisticated human beings disregard this practice.
        Yes unfortunately, people do die worrying about ‘money’ and trying to get it.

  4. If a person does ‘good’ – with ‘bad’ intentions, that makes them a politician. I wonder how politicians account for themselves in the ‘afterlife’

    • It is not a suggesting ‘a religious belief’ as much as a lifestyle that includes
      an attitude of peace and compassion for all others.
      Thank you very much for your response.

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