Deal With Danger While Safe


Tackle difficulties when they are easy.
Accomplish great things when they are small.
Handle what is going to be rough
when it is still smooth.
Control what has not yet formed its force.
Deal with a dangerous situation while it is safe.
Manage what is hard while it is soft.
Eliminate what is vicious
before it becomes destructive.
This is called
“attending to great things at small beginnings.”

A tree so big it can fill the span of a man’s arms
grows from a tiny sprout.
A terrace nine stories high
rises from a shovelful of earth.
A journey of a thousand miles
begins with a single step.
Thus, one of integral virtue
never sets about grandiose thing,
yet he is able to achieve great things.

source: Lao Tzu, Tao Teh Ching
image: Eddie’s Photos, Peace River Florida October 2003


21 thoughts on “Deal With Danger While Safe

      • This brings to mind my canoe trip down the Loxahatchee River, crocodile/alligator ogling me from beneath the Spanish moss hanging into the water at the banks. Beautiful photography Eddie!

      • yes, I really did, it is such a natural world, I was not afraid of the gators they gazed at me like huge logs lazing in the sunlight. I think today I would be more leery in that tiny canoe, lol.

      • I also wondered whether I would be just as courageous as I was back then. Maybe we have been living a good life;
        comforts, regular meals, we know what to expect this afternoon or tomorrow. Canoeing, camping, etc. calls for
        some adventure; perhaps something unexpected. Maybe a little dangerous, exciting!

      • I have abandoned canoeing for the iron horse, it is more dangerous (perhaps, not sure) but I must keep some out door past time in my life.

      • i also garden. I love the earth and watching my seedlings peek up through the dirt. It’s life affirming!

      • I agree, it’s so delightful. It is so hot here now as you know Eddie, I must limit my gardening to the early hours or late afternoon, it is not dark till after 9. I think we share the same region so you know what I mean I’m sure. High 90’s here today, perfect for canoeing and maybe taking a dip! lol.

      • Outdoor work must be done in the shade or as early as possible. High temp’s plus high humidity
        make for very uncomfortable conditions. Rains that cool and water plants have not started yet. A dip does
        sound good. Will be in the pool soon! have a great day, hugs to you Holly

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