Freedom for All Life

Freedom Is The Birthright of All Life On Earth

This Should Include Life in Nature Too!


Gray Shanted Douckoala-australia[1]

mountain gorilla


Not All Threatened Species Are Represented

“Teach us the road to travel and we will not depart from it forever.”

Satank, Kiowa 1810-1871

source: originally posted: Eddie Two Hawks February 2011, November 2015


36 thoughts on “Freedom for All Life

  1. This is so very, very true. It’s the main reason why, to me, the 4th of July is just that…not “Independence Day.”

    Not all Americans were “independent” when this country gained independence from Britain…

    • The statement “American settlers became independent from Britain”, can be said.
      However, there was not ‘freedom and justice for all (life)’, and it still remains a problem today.
      Your very thoughtful response is greatly appreciated. Thank you. Have a beautiful week

  2. This is an awakening voice we need to hear more often!
    Freedom is the most significant birthright of all living beings on our planet, I agree. It takes self-awareness, love and creativity to understand and embrace the concept.

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