This is emphatically one of the dog-days. A dense fog
and the clouds (which did not let in any sun all day)
were the dog-day fog and mist, which threatened no rain.
A muggy but comfortable day.
As we go along the corner road, the dense fog for a
background relieves pleasantly the outlines of every tree,
so that each is seen as a new object.

source: Henry David Thoreau, Journal July 31, 1859
image: Eddie’s Image Collection, Summer Fog


12 thoughts on “Dog-Days

  1. Those foggy days are still with us over 100 yrs later 🙂 Love the quotes of Thoreau that you use Eddie.. And this photo a delightful scene Have a wonderful weekend Eddie _/\_

  2. Eddie, do you think Mr. Thoreau would have enjoyed that humidity with our southern temps? It’s been a while since I had a muggy but comfortable day. I do love the foggy mornings, though. They’re magical.

    • The foggy mornings are magical CJ. I do see them in fields nearby this time of year.
      When the clouds roll in deep and low without rain, it actually cools off for a while.
      Great hearing from you.

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