Voyagers Behold


Voyagers behold
a new land
flowers of golden sweet perfumes.
Inhale love,
and breathe life.

It’s coming now,
stretch and feel it
the Sun warming on your face.

source: Eddie’s Journal 1970
image: Eddie’s Garden Photos, Crinum Lily July 2012


12 thoughts on “Voyagers Behold

  1. Beautiful, both words and photo (what an incredible flower!)…

    And timely, too, as I feel this way exactly, and needed to be reminded that amidst the chaos of change is the strength of purpose and the promise of better things to come…

    Thanks, Eddie!

    • The lily has a strong foothold in the garden and produces many new plants from it’s seeds.
      Kind appreciation in your carefully selected thoughtful words is good to see.
      Thank you very much Lisa

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