When Least Expected

The storm clouds

Death comes when least expected,
often when a person’s mind is distracted
by something else. It is like a flood
that comes in the night and carries
away all those who are sleeping.

source: The Dhammapada
image: Eddie Image Collection, Storm Clouds


24 thoughts on “When Least Expected

  1. Although your post was serious in nature and very well put… I can’t help myself but add a funny comment 😉
    “I want to die like my grandfather did, in his sleep…
    Not like the 3 screaming passengers in his car. “

  2. A fitting quote for my day, Eddie. Recently, my father and stepmother left me and I think about them so much. Sometimes, I feel as though they never left and then it comes as a shock anew that they did.

    • They will live on in spirit and perhaps at certain times you may ‘feel’ closer to them than others.
      I say this because of your great love for them and I think you are a ‘sensitive’ person.
      But you already know this.
      Sending love and peace to you. Thank you very much for your kind response

    • It is up to each of us how we think and ‘feel’ about this sensitive subject Laurent.
      We each should examine our own heart and mind and prepare how it so dictates.
      Teachings of Buddha are for those interested in the best that can be made.

    • It is wise to ‘have your stuff in order’. I remember reading a text where all life
      is preparation for your final breath. Not that you need ‘worry’ about it, but be
      prepared for it. Thank you very much for your interesting response Maria.
      Have and most beautiful day, Eddie

      • Yes, I can never understand why people only say that someone is dying when they have a terminal illness. Life is terminal and every day presents the opportunity of stepping through the eternal door.
        Maybe if people recognised that, they would live each moment in LOVE. ❤

      • The ‘beginning of something’ necessitates the ‘ending of it’ as well.
        And that is just the way it is. Here are two people (and there are
        many, many more) who believe that “love is the answer”.
        You are very right Maria! Big Hugs

  3. Good morning Eddie.. though its afternoon here.. 🙂 .. Yes a very apt quote, we are never prepared are we?
    Sending some Sunny thoughts to lift any dark clouds.. xx

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