The Wisest Teacher


Experience is the wisest teacher.

source: Pleasant Porter, Creek 1840-1907
image: Eddie’s Image Collection


20 thoughts on “The Wisest Teacher

  1. Lovely post and image, my own view is that all experiences are lessons, therein; it’s how we choose to live and articulate our lessons that sets us apart. The wisest teachers are those who’ve come to embrace, accept and assimilate all their many learnings from all their many lessons free from attachment. For they’ve come to know and truly understand. A hard journey and yet I’ve met one or two whom I believe have been able to do that. As such; I feel blessed to have shared just a little of their time with them. That said; always highly uplifting posts and images on your blog Eddie, Thank You !

    • Use of ‘water’ as comparison works well here Louis.
      Rivers continue to change the coarse of history.
      Thank you very much for you kind response. Have a peaceful day.

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