Take a Good Look


Take a good look, I am your closest  relative,

and nearly extinct in the wild.

source: Eddie’s Journal
image: Eddie’s Image Collection, Great Ape

recent count: 12 left in the wild


26 thoughts on “Take a Good Look

  1. sooo sad, Eddie… 😦 I’m thinkin’ of other species that are gonna “vanish” during the following years or decades…
    * * *
    human nature has not changed since the dawn of time… the point is that animals can live without us, but we can’t “survive” without them…

    • Many of us already know this very well. However, some still believe they can live without the ‘wild’ animals.
      Thank you so very much for your kind thoughts and words dear friend.

  2. Another excellent reminder Eddie to all of us.. And that time is getting closer than any of us think possible if we do not take responsibility and alter or ways of BEing.

  3. I had the privilege of meeting some of these cousins of ours in Northern Uganda, where they are now protected in a large mountain reserve.

  4. I am quite concerned about the human race. Where is our humanity? There are so many good people but we don’t seem to be able to stop the thoughtless. It makes me sad.

  5. I was so upset when the rare and magnificent silverback, Harambe was killed. 😢 Human arrogance and folly is the cause of so much devastation of Mother Earth and all her creatures great and small.

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