A Truth


It is a truth, a melancholy truth,
that the good things which men do,
are often buried in the ground,
while their evil deeds are striped
naked and exposed to the world.

source: Black Thunder, Fox
image: Eddie’s Garden, Eddie’s Photos, Cactus December 2014


24 thoughts on “A Truth

  1. The evil that men do, lives on; the good, often interred with their bones.
    William Shakespeare

    It’s a sad fact. The only way to honor the dead is to live well.

      • In defense of the two good men I lost recently, my husband and my Dad, they did a lot of good on this planet, and people remember them well and fondly. So maybe the good lives on after us. I’d like to think so. Peace.

      • It certainly does Lily. Especially in cases as illustrated by your kind words.
        Bless your heart. Sending love and peace you, Eddie

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