Become An Island


If you wish to be free from old age and
rebirth, become an island unto yourself,
and eliminate all your imperfections.

source: The Dhammapada
image: Eddie’s Image Collection, Full Moon


17 thoughts on “Become An Island

  1. Think I have too many imperfections. Maybe the next time around. But I really like to spend a great deal of time alone. Most think it odd and reclusive. I’m just more comfortable without the chronic onslaught. Have taught my sister to be more comfortable with her own company. If you can’t be happy alone, no one wants to spend time with you either.

    • You’re NOT doing anything wrong by preferring to spend time alone.
      In fact, it’s recommended by many great teachers. (Buddha)
      Your imperfections are your ‘lessons’ in this life. They teach you
      plenty if you let them.
      Have a perfect weekend peacefully alone with your ‘lessons’.

  2. Thank you for the life challenge and reminder, Eddie. Archbishop Cardinal Cushing from Boston once said, “The hardest battle in life is the battle against ourselves. Win that battle and we are masters of all we survey.” I found a small pamphlet in my Dad’s desk after he died with those words, and it’s up on my fridge. All religions say the same thing in different ways. Love your posts, and your photography is just the best!

    • These are wise and thoughtful words. Thank you very much for presenting here.
      Your Dad saved them for you to discover. Kindness is greatly appreciated. Thank you Lily

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