Our Greatest Curse


Mankind’s greatest gift, also its
greatest curse, is that we have free
choice. We can make our choices
built from love or from fear.

source: Elisabeth Kubler Ross
image: Eddie’s Image Collection, Tarsier Monkey


24 thoughts on “Our Greatest Curse

    • There are many reasons why a particular image is used for a quote.
      Some may just draw your attention to the post like this one does. But
      there is deeper meaning to this image as well. These animals are nearly
      extinct in the wild, perhaps because of ‘fear’ and mankind is to blame.
      Thank you for your question and kindness

  1. My heart aches at what we lose when we collectively act out of fear. I just signed a petition hoping to stop the erosion of the endangered species act. How can we still need to be fighting this battle?

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