In The Wild

common waxbill

In the wild there is no Credo
Nor a hideous disbelief;
Song birds never are assertive
Of the Truth, the Bliss, or Grief.

source: Kahlil Gibran, The Procession
image: Eddie’s Image Collection, Common Waxbill


16 thoughts on “In The Wild

  1. so very moving, why can’t we love one another without prejudice, life would be so beautiful.

  2. This struck a chord with me. This past weekend I was in a park and I was accosted to 2 pairs of teenagers who had clearly been sent out by their church to “spread the good news”. I’m still sputtering with outrage and thinking of what I should have said to them.

      • Really terrible, peoples thoughtlessness and disrepect, but I Iove what you point out Eddy, what could have been! That made me smile. This is a wonderful photo and reflection by Kibran, on a difficult day… the earth and the world holds it’s breath.

      • Whatever the outcome, the Sun will shine again tomorrow.
        Thank you very much for your kind and thoughtful response.
        Enjoy a peaceful day Bruce

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