Any Good Reason


Is there any good reason why I can’t
live in my natural habitat without being shot?

source: Eddie Two Hawks
image: Eddie’s Image Collection, African Lion, endangered species 


23 thoughts on “Any Good Reason

  1. extremely impressive and deeply emotional, you did touch my heart, Eddie… ❤ I wonder: WHEN will humans realize that animals can live without us, BUT we can't live and survive without them?!… 😦

    • Prejudice is a long standing problem.There are many, many
      issues surrounding this major concern.
      Solutions should begin at an early age.

      However, this post aims to direct your attention solely on the plight of
      endangered species (wildlife) of which there are many.

      • This is true…but, under the new administration, there will be many more endangered species added to the list – and some will surely become extinct. Politics can have a detrimental effect on our animal friends, too.
        It wasn’t that long ago that DDT was used with abandon, decimating the numbers of raptors and other birds. It could easily happen again – just with another chemical.

      • It seems to me that if you give weapons of any sort to humans, be it rocks, clubs, spears or guns (or even words sometimes), there will always be those among us who “need” to attack another living being with them, just to prove something. I don’t know if it’s insecurity, seeking to show one’s superiority over another, or what…?

        I am not personally against weapons used as tools, as in hunting for food or protecting one’s self, family, etc., but I never understood weapons as sport, at least not when they were directed at unarmed, unsuspecting or less equipped living beings…

        But I freely admit to many blind spots, and uncomprending moments when attempting to understand my human fellows… 🙂

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