A Land Ethic


We humans must come again to a
moral comprehension of the earth and
air. We must live according to the
principle of a land ethic. The alternative
is that we shall not live at all.

source: N. Scott Momaday
image: Eddie’s Garden, Eddie’s Photos, October 2016


16 thoughts on “A Land Ethic

  1. I am afraid Cindy is right. Though we fight for change the powerful turn a deaf ear, concerned only for themselves and this day.

  2. I don’t understand why this problem we’re having with keeping Mother Earth healthy isn’t obvious to everyone, not just some. Climate change isn’t the hoax, the coverup is. She is stronger than us, though, and even if we don’t survive she will.

    • Everyone isn’t on the same page of the book, or in the same place in their life, as you or me or other like minded
      folks. We may learn the whole truth too late. Mother Earth will look after her well being.
      Thank you very much for your thoughtful response CJ

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