Over the Years


This is post number twelve hundred
presented on ‘Eddie Two Hawks’.
Entries have attempted to spread
peace, beauty, color, harmony and
fulfillment in life. I know many
have experienced transitions of a
difficult nature during the ten years
this blog has been running. I have
not been left out of these types
of changes. Never forget we are all
equal under the Sun. Incredibly, I
am still here. A hearty thank you
to those who have been so very,
very kind, helpful, and encouraging
over the years.


source and image: Eddie Two Hawks


45 thoughts on “Over the Years

  1. It’s a blessing to start my day with a new old reflection on your blog. You’re the wind of change, a beautiful sun ray going straight to the heart.
    Thank you for being out there, Eddie!


  2. Congratulations Eddie, your words are an inspiration, thank you for ten years of beauty and encouragement!
    Much love to you!

  3. Congratulations Eddie! These past ten years have been difficult for many, but fortunately many of us have welcoming communities where we grow together and support each other.

    Wishing you continued peace and inspiration, Linda

  4. Congratulations Eddie. Your blog is a real gift. Always a pleasure to read. Challenging and even disturbing at times.

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