In the Heart


The Way is not in the sky;
the Way is in the heart.

source: The Buddha
image: Eddie’s Garden, Eddie’s Photos,  Amaryllis April 2014


16 thoughts on “In the Heart

  1. Hi,
    I love your beautiful photo. I am always trying to improve my blog photosand I blogged about my attempts often.
    I teach about the Buddha to my seventh graders.
    Maybe you can check out my site if you need any blogging tips. That is what I write about. I also host blogging parties.

      • Good Afternoon Janice,
        In order to leave a comment on your post, I need to leave my info.
        Although it says that it is not shared,
        I never do this. It’s a matter of security.
        peace to you, Eddie

  2. I have a red amaryllis in a pot beside my computer screen, I watch it grow a little more every day. It was a gift, and every day I watch its gift, so I see that the Buddha is right. Sending my warmest wishes to you Eddie~~

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