Turtle Island


North America has been called Turtle Island
by many Native tribes for generations. The
reference stems from a belief that the
continent was placed upon the Great Turtle’s
back. Drawings of North America often depict
the land as a turtle, and some use the tortoise
as a representation of their tribes.

source: Native American Lore
image: Eddie’s Photos, Tortoise Spring 2015


30 thoughts on “Turtle Island

  1. Tortoise (turtles) are very fascinating creatures! Some grow so large and live for up to 100 years if left alone by man. I suggest we stop purchasing turtle sunglasses , umbrellas , canes. Anything with turtle shell. These majestic creatures deserve better. Thank you Eddie. Stepping off the soap box now:)

    • Usage of any animal for either human consumption or wear sounds abhorrent to me.
      (have been a vegetarian for many decades) My curios neighbors
      can live to over 150 years.
      Your thoughtful, kind, and respected response is greatly appreciated Holly. Thank you

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