Be Eager

Be eager to attain the attainable. Master
that which can be mastered. Realize
that which can be realized. Then
your spiritual work will bear fruit.

source: The Samyutta Nikaya Sutra
image: Eddie’s Garden, Eddie’s Photos, Buddha in the Garden


9 thoughts on “Be Eager

  1. I read this and was instantly transported to the feeling of triumph I experienced yesterday when I finished shovelling out from under 30″ of snow! It was 3 days of pain, suffering, and small but noticable progress. And then, suddenly, it was done!

    It felt like a true spiritual awakening! The word “amen!” still reverberates in my brain every time I look outside… 😀

    • I will NEVER forget when that use to be one of my daily rituals. Now just a memory, it is still none
      the less strong enough to have left a mark. Life in Canada was different than it is here in Florida.
      My heart goes out to you Lisa and as I still very much remember
      those cold winter days and endless snow. Isn’t life grand?

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