A Fit Inheritence

Books are the treasured wealth of

the world and the fit

inheritance of

generations and nations.

source: Henry David Thoreau, Walden
image: Eddie’s Image Collection


14 thoughts on “A Fit Inheritence

  1. I will never give up on Books dear Eddie.. they are tangible, tactile and their touch yields pleasure untold.. 🙂
    Have a wonderful rest of your week Eddie.. been busy this week.. 🙂 Preparing the earth lol 🙂

  2. Eddie I work in the publishing industry and while their is a huge rise in digital there will always be people who prefer to hold a book or magazine. Visit a magazine stand never before has there been so many printed magazines. I purchase all my books at Barnes and Noble. I do have a kindle but I rarely use it. Thought provoking post☺️have a great day

    • Nothing like a treasured volume to see before your
      very eyes or the casual read, that you ‘just can’t put down’.
      Thank you so very, very much Michelle Marie for your
      thoughtful and thorough response. Have a most peaceful day.

      • OH yes. Sometimes I like to hold it when I’m not reading it or lay it beside my desk where I work. When I have a spare moment I pick it up and get lost for a few minutes. 😀 Peaceful day to you as well… Eddie Two Hawks 🙂

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